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Terrington Consulting welcomes and rewards all referrals of potential candidates or business opportunities. As part of our continuing efforts to develop stronger relationships with our Consultants, we promote a Candidate & Client referral program. Refer your talented friends, family and colleagues, who are looking for their next temporary or full time position. We are continually seeking Banking, ICT, Accounting, Financial Services and Insurance candidates nation-wide. Terrington consulting will reward you with the following financial payments should your referral meet our criteria as listed below.

Temporary Placements
Up to $5 per day (capped at $500 per referral)

As you may be aware, Terrington Consulting charges a small margin on top of the candidate hourly rate for temporary assignments. Should your candidate referral result in a temporary placement with one of our clients, we will reward you at the completion of the temporary assignment for every full business day that your referral remains in the role. Reward value increases in line with role complexity, capped at $5/day. 

Permanent Placements
$200 for junior roles
$500 for mid-market roles
$1000 for executive level roles

120 days after your referrals start date, Terrington Consulting will transfer the funds to your bank account. It really is that easy!

Why refer to us?

Your friends are in GOOD hands: Terrington Consulting provides recruitment services to hundreds of Banking, ICT, Accounting, Financial Services and Insurance client nation-wide.

  • You can earn substantial income when Terrington Consulting places your referrals.
  • It’s always nice to help your friends out!
Additionally, you can earn financial payments for referring us to hiring managers or other potential job leads! Please contact Emily Terrington, Managing Director (0499771742) and refer a client lead today OR email

You will be rewarded!

Referrals that will not be honoured: Any personnel, either full time or consulting, that you are CURRENTLY working with at your Terrington Consulting client engagement. Any candidate, that Terrington Consulting has already received direct interest from or interviewed. Referral rewards are paid on a discretionary basis, please contact us for more information.