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Welcome to our company website.

At Terrington Consulting, we recognise that the best way to grow our business is by helping you to achieve personal and organisational growth and prosperity. We believe that your professional growth and prosperity can only be achieved with the right team around you and with the support of market specialists who can help you to identify talent and opportunity in a competitive marketplace.

Terrington Consulting differentiates from our competitors through the provision of a tailored and personalized service, aligning with vertical markets and adhering to best practice Recruitment & Human Resources methodology.

Our driving principles of sustainability, mutuality and trust are paramount to everything that we do.
Our mission is to ‘align ourselves with clients and candidates to achieve outstanding results as your true business partners.’

We believe that sustainability comes from practising high ethics and possessing  a strong grounding in Human Resource Management methodology, mutuality facilitates a truly two way partnership and enables us to become your true business partner and your trust underwrites the integrity of our brand.

As a specialist business partner to our valued candidates and clients within the Accounting, Banking, Financial Planning, Information Technology, Insurance & Allied Health, and Operational Finance areas we recognise that a grass-roots approach to doing business will enable us to remain credible and accessible. Moreover it will enable us to ensure that we are able to listen to your feedback and to continually adjust and improve our process and value proposition.

Terrington Consulting commenced operations in March 2011 and was established by Emily Terrington.

In addition to Recruitment Services, Terrington Consulting offers a range of qualitative services including Psychometric Testing, Exit Interviewing, Outplacement and Career advice.

Emily Terrington,
Managing Director